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Egg donation gives some infertile couples whose female partner is unable to use her eggs to become pregnant, a chance to experience pregnancy. The embryo is often composed of the donor egg and the intended father's sperm, and transferred into the intended mother's uterus for implantation.

In the United States, egg donation has been common in fertility clinics. The first successful egg donation case was reported in 1983. Ten years ago, American Society for Reproductive Medicine reported 6,600 cases of egg donation per year.

Options in Conception has an anonymous egg donor program, meaning your identifying information will not be provided to the recipients, nor will the recipient's information be provided to you. We do not use our donor's first names, and we always encourage donors to submit pictures from their childhood, teenage years, and glamour shots to further enhance anonymity. However, no egg donor program can guarantee anonymity, but we take the as much precautions to ensure your privacy as possible.