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What are some of the reasons to be an egg donor?

Top Five Reasons to Donate

(1) "I learned about egg donation from a friend who has done it before. She said it was a great way to help people, and I agree after I did it too."

(2) "I was looking for a way to save up funds for graduate school, and this was one way I could get some income, and help a couple at the same time. My son is everything to me, and I am glad I can help a couple get pregnant."

(3) "My friend had worked with them (Options in Conception) before and said they were really great. She highly recommended that I either be an egg donor or be a surrogate, since I've already had two kids."

(4) "Robin was like my favorite big sister since the moment I met her. She was always available to answer my questions, and she explained the whole process to me. I am happy to help others and help myself at the same time."

(5) "I am a full-time student with too many bills to pay. I was going to pick up a part time job to help pay the bills, but could not find anything that would make me happy as well, until I learned about egg donation. It's not the easiest process to go through, but they tried to accommodate my busy schedule and it worked out perfectly."

Does it hurt?

Yes and no. We find each donor's experience to be very different. Some donors feel the injections were easy with no side effects, and the retrieval was done before they know it; some donors have lower pain threshold and are more sensitive to the hormone that stimulates the follicles. Hence they experience discomfort during the stimulation process as well as post-retrieval. It is hard to predict how you will feel, that is why we want you to be well-informed and mentally prepared before you start.