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Options in Conception provides comprehensive and personal egg donation and surrogacy services. We hold high standards for our egg donors as well as surrogates. We only work with selected intended parents as spaces are limited. We have been able to assist many individuals and couples in finding a suitable donor and/or surrogate, whether you have a specific request or looking for a donor with a certain ethnicity. We are also open to finding a specific type of donor for you. Please contact us for availability and details.


Please fax, mail, or email us the completed Intended Parents Application form. Our coordinator will give you a call to let you know if we have any potential matches for you. You can also give us a call or email us to schedule an appointment with our coordinator.

Surrogacy is a complicated and long process that requires extensive preparation, careful planning, continuous communication, and hard work. We have carefully designed and planned each step of this complicated process from screening to delivery so that you can have less worries (Face it, everyone worries). Many have inquired about the significance of a surrogate mother's compensation. We look for these qualities in our surrogacy candidates: stable income, familiarity with the medical aspect of surrogacy process, openness to the perspective intended parents, peaceful and quiet neighborhood, low stress or no stress work environment, personal understanding of infertility, extensive social network with nice family members, and good communication and rapport with our staff. We believe with these qualities, the surrogate mother has a better chance of being well-nourished and relaxed during pregnancy, which is ultimately better for the intended parents. Often as a result, we accept less applicants than other programs in order to maintain these higher standards.

Options in Conception has a larger-than-most Asian egg donor pool with donors of Chinese, Taiwanese, Vietnamese, and other Asian ethnicities. Although we have a good size pool of Asian donors, most of them are matched very quickly so we encourage you to contact us early, to ensure that you will have first choice on the donor you like. Once you have found a suitable donor, you can place a deposit on the donor to get the process started.