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What are some of the reasons to be a surrogate?


Top Five Reasons to be a Surrogate

(1) "I have been blessed with two children of my own, and I would like to give another woman the joy I have experienced with my kids."

(2) "I'm a stay home mom, and I have had smooth pregnancies. This is the best way for me to help someone while helping my family to get some extra income."

(3) "My husband and I both wanted to do something that would make us feel good, something that fits our lifestyle, and something that would supplement our income. Surrogacy just made sense because I get pregnant very easily, and I have a part-time job that I can still take it easy when I'm pregnant."

(4) "I have been a surrogate mother before, and I love taking care of babies. This is my special way of helping people.

(5) "My kids give me the greatest happiness in my life, and I wanted to help another couple who otherwise cannot experience this happiness."