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In order to qualify as a surrogate mother, you need to be:
(1) healthy,
(2) have had one or more children through easy, problem-free pregnancy and delivery,
(3) live a healthy lifestyle,
(4) have stable home environment,
(5) drug and smoke-free
(6) good mental health
(7) good support system
(8) complete all application and schedule all appointments promptly
(9) pass criminal and background check
(10) legal residency in the U.S. such as U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident
(11) between the ages of 21-38 (age limit may be more flexible if you are a friend or family of the intended parents you are helping)

The qualifying process includes interviews and evaluation by our staff, a fertility doctor, nurses, and a California licensed psychologist. You will also be subject to drug tests and infectious disease screening.